Zovio is a leader in a large, shifting industry
  • $542 billion U.S. higher education market segment
  • $71 billion corporate training market segment
  • Individuals have a strong incentive to complete their degrees or learn new skills
    • Lifetime expected earnings for college graduates is $1 million more than high school graduates
    • Significant gap in skills in employment market
  • Overall, the online higher education market segment in the US is set to grow at a CAGR of almost 20% until 2021
    (Technavio Online Higher Education Market in the US 2017-2021)
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Culture of innovation

Zovio has a track record of innovation, centered on advanced data analytics. It is primed for growth by using technology and data to guide decision making in higher education institutions and personalize the learning process. Zovio has acquired valuable insights into how adults learn through its success in both consumer and business-to-business services delivered at significant scale.

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Well-positioned for the next phase of growth

Zovio sees the key structural shifts occurring in higher education, and is changing its business to serve the needs of higher education institutions and employers in this new landscape. With advanced technology tools, experience delivering education services at large scale, development partnerships with key technology industry giants, and more than 600 companies already using educational products and services, Zovio is well prepared for this next phase of growth.

Leveraging our success in education, Zovio’s runway for growth involves applying our technologies and capabilities to priority market needs, including recruitment, retention, and the learner experience. Our strategy will leverage both organic and inorganic growth opportunities centered on three main areas:

  • Delivering education services that meet the diverse and large-scale needs of educational institutions and corporate enterprises, with success in both B2C and B2B at significant scale.
  • Further capitalizing on middle market opportunities through enhanced programs and services, building its capabilities both organically and inorganically.
  • Expanding our “Skills to Employment” offerings through B2C and B2B solutions (certificates, badges, boot camps) ensure educational outcomes are aligned with employer needs (upskilling, improved jobs) will be a top priority.
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Strong financial position and attractive valuation
  • A recurring cash flow model with minimal capex requirements
  • Valuation well below for-profit education peers and average educational technology company stocks
  • Significant opportunity to expand margins
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Deep, growing bench of leadership

Zovio is led by talented leaders with deep experience in education and technology, including several new executives experienced in online program development, M&A strategy, education technology and developing agile work environments.

To learn more about our leadership team, please visit our governance page.

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